Acquaint yourself with electric fans’ safety features - Created August 5th 2016

For the average consumer, it’s comforting to have safety features on their electric fans, but even better to understand how they make the product safer.

High velocity fans pack a punch when circulating air - Created July 5th 2016

High velocity fans have the power to create strong air circulation in commercial and industrial situations, but as one happy consumer in Minnesota attested, there’s no reason they can’t be used to cool down homes as well.

Let fans and air conditioning work together to cool your home - Created June 29th 2016

Setting an air conditioner to its coldest setting won’t maximize cooling as well as having electric fans working while the AC is on.

How to clean pedestal, table and wall mount fans [VIDEO] - Created June 3rd 2016

Greetings and thanks for joining us. Today, we'll be talking about the proper way to clean your Lasko pedestal, table and wall mount fans.