Plan air circulation with the right fan for your garage - Created August 15th 2014

If you’re going to transform your garage into an extension of your living quarters, you’ll have to consider how to ventilate it properly and how best to circulate cool air through it during summer.

Let efficient fans do the bulk of your summer cooling - Created August 13th 2014

When people go shopping, they’re often trying to get a bang for their buck. If there’s a home appliance that lets them do that, it’s an electric fan.

Versatility of box fans has kept them popular for generations - Created August 12th 2014

Box fans may be the stalwart of the fan world. It’s had the same basic design for generations of consumers who appreciated the fan’s efficiency.

Have fans and appliances work together to cool your home - Created August 11th 2014

People sometimes misunderstand what electric fans can do. They don’t heat or cool the air, but they do move it around. Since heat rises, air circulation creates a cooling effect.

Ward off your college dorm’s hot air with fans - Created August 8th 2014

Some college students will have the foresight to pack a fan, since classes often begin at the end of August when high temperatures can make dorms extremely hot and uncomfortable.

Let fans keep you cool on hot summer nights - Created August 7th 2014

To avoid a sleepless night, plan ahead by cooling your bedroom sufficiently to get a good night’s rest.

Create a comfortable dorm room with the help of an electric fan - Created August 5th 2014

Outfit your college dorm room to include some comforts of home, including a table fan for early fall days that seem like a last spurt of summer weather.

18” 4-Speed Stand Fan with Remote Oscillation Control  <font class='mod sub'>Model S18961</font> 18” 4-Speed Stand Fan with Remote Oscillation Control Model S18961
Rely on room fans frequently as room temperatures go up - Created May 12th 2014

As the seasons shift, it’s a good time to pull out the room fans in case you find yourself in a midday heat burst, no matter how brief.