Electric fans offer versatility as well as cooling action - Created September 17th 2014

Not all electric fans are alike, and there are plenty to match to your home’s cooling needs.

Periodic cleaning keeps electric fans operating at their best - Created September 16th 2014

After providing great summertime service to you, it’s time to clean your electric fans so they can keep working at optimum strength.

Let blower fans create powerful air streams in stuffy rooms - Created September 2nd 2014

Having a multi-purposed blower fan may be one of the handiest devices that homeowners can have in their arsenal of home improvement tools.

Tower fans provide power without interfering in room style - Created August 29th 2014

Before you choose the style and type of fan for a particular room, you may want to consider how it will fit into the decor of the space.

Controlling electric fans with remote controls makes life easier - Created August 26th 2014

There’s nothing better on a hot summer night than getting comfortable in bed or your favorite spot for watching TV and not having to get up to turn off an electric fan. Just like with televisions, having a remote control for your fans makes life easier.